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Super fast fieldbus gateway

Anyone who uses systems from different manufacturers knows the problem: Siemens and ProfiNet on one side of the plant, Beckhoff and EtherCAT on the other. And if things go really bad, then EtherNet/IP and/or OPC towards higher network levels and the cloud.

Now there are one or two gateways from the large control manufacturers, but their functionality is generally very generic, the devices are therefore slow and the integration into the “foreign” fieldbus is often more than poor.

Exactly for this area of conflict, we have succeeded in finding a solution, which now serves as a basis for customer-specific gateways. The gateway performs a bidirectional data transfer from one fieldbus to the other in about 1.3ms, is fully real-time capable and can also be extended with additional IOs, encoder connections, analog inputs, etc., not only to shovel data, but also to replace additional devices, which were previously needed possibly 2-fold for each fieldbus. This brings an additional, substantial cost advantage and a clear reduction of the complexity.

Ask us, we can surely build the right gateway for you.